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What is Baby Sign Language?

It is a method that refers to the use of Sign Language to pre-verbal hearing babies and toddlers and incorporates certain hand gestures which represent specific 'KEY SIGNS' that teachers, parents and caregivers can use to communicate with babies and toddlers.

Here at Baby Sign Talk we help parents teach their Babies and infants how to sign using a simplified version of British Sign Language from the age of 0-4 years old in order to help them communicate their needs.

We do this by incorporating hand gestures while singing to their favourite songs. We start off by using simple 'KEY SIGNS' such as MAM, DAD, MILK, MORE, ALL GONE etc. rather than use full sentences.

From about six months your Baby knows what he/she wants, but it will take at least another 6 months for their vocal chords to develope before your Baby will be able to tell you what they want!

This is where Baby Sign Language can help. Babies can co-ordinate their hand muscles long before they can speak and, if they learn simple signs, they will be able to convey those needs to you. More and more parents are teaching their babies and toddlers baby sign language Nationwide as research shows that Baby Signing offers significant benefits to both parent and Babies.

What are the benefits?

* gives Babies a head start

* helps Babies communicate before they can talk

* minimise frustration for both Babies and Parents

* prevents tantrums

* increases vocabulary significantly.

* improve self-confidence

* encourages bonding between Babies and Parents







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